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Montag, 8. Dezember 2014, 23:08

Rammstein Monitor - exklusives Programm aus Single "Mein Teil"

I want share this cool program
Mehr über Rammstein Monitor

Some of you can remember summer 2004 when we hear from Rammstein first from 2001. Single Mein Tiel came and who bought it received 15 photos and cool screensaver program
Today this program doesn't supported and you can't downloaded it. But i have cracked edition of Rammstein Monitor
Your antivirus will say it is malware - the crack of this program is .REG file so the antivirus will not happy that you will change your Windows registry (but it is safe)
From 2004 I can't live without this program and my MacBook Air has this! So it's time to give it to you!

To instal correctly this program you need:
1) Download this file
2) Instal RammsteinMonitor.exe
Directory must be optional (C:\Program Files....) if not you must change the path in Eyetide.reg file
3) Instal RammsteinMonitor2.exe in the same directory with Rammstein Monitor (C:\Program Files....)
This is photo collection, there was two collection - Mein Teil and Amerika
4) Open Eyetide.reg
If you open eyetide first the program will not open, and you must find it in Windows Registry to delete all "eyetide" and repeat all steps.

This Program works also in Windows 10 TP (i'm on Paralles for MacOS)
Moskau, Russland.


Schenk mir was.

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Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2014, 22:18

Wow, that's an quite interesting tool. I didn't knew about this. They could (or should ;)) redo something like this again. It would be nice to try out a new version. It also seemed to be quite special and I wonder how many people who bought the single actually took advantage of using Rammstien Monitor. But is there anything outstanding besides screensavers, like rare high-res pictures?

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Montag, 15. Dezember 2014, 21:42

This is screensaver only but the main idea was - receive new photos from rammstein
but this program died after Amerika

maybe someone can add photos? all pictures in the program has .eye file name
but how we can create it?
Moskau, Russland.

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Dienstag, 23. Juni 2015, 18:06

Danke fürs Teilen, schöner Bericht.

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Samstag, 24. März 2018, 23:54

new win 10 - if you can't open it just open C:\Program Files\Rammstein\EyeTideClient
Moskau, Russland.

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