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    Speziell zum neuen Album:

    UG: How is everything going with the new Rammstein album?

    Richard: To kind of balance myself, I had to go back into a band where my job is basically the guitar. I was really happy to just be a guitar player! We kind of went back to the music that we thought of in the beginning. We wanted to make it as heavy as possible. It’s pretty good at the moment, but we’re still not ready. We take our time, but the spirit of the band is very good at the moment.

    UG: You had mentioned that Emigrate allowed you to find the happiness you didn’t have for some time in Rammstein. Do you currently have a new outlook going into making the new Rammstein album?

    Richard: Yes. I can really concentrate on what I’m doing, which is basically playing the guitar. Before I was doing so many things that I couldn’t really concentrate on what we were actually doing. At the moment I’m happy to be just a guitar player. That’s cool! I don’t take things as personally anymore. For me, it’s such a big step to give up control. It’s something that you have to learn in life. For me to give up control and let it go and to trust in this band, it was a big step and that was really important to me. At the end of the day, it saved the band. That’s what I always try to say – Emigrate, for me at least, saved Rammstein.


    Und wieder ein neues Interview mit Richard auf…/20071129/rammstein.jhtml

    Speziell zu Rammstein:

    "Rammstein are now working democratically, and Kruspe says he's coexisting with his bandmates more amicably than ever. So far, the group has written 30 basic tracks at a rental house near the Baltic Sea, and it plans to enter the studio in March and release the follow-up to 2005's Rosenrot sometime in 2008.

    "It's looking like it will be the most heaviest record we ever did," Kruspe said. "The songs are faster, and it feels like we're really going back to our roots and rediscovering what we like and what Rammstein is all about. We're thinking of going to Los Angeles ... to record an album in America [for the first time]. And we're in a position right now where we don't have a contract with any record company, and that gives us peace of mind because there's no pressure from the outside."

    For Kruspe, the only drawback about being back with Rammstein is he'll be unable to tour for Emigrate. After Rammstein finish their record, the band will embark on its first world tour in two years, which leaves no time for him to support his solo disc. But that doesn't mean he won't find time to write new Emigrate songs."

    Es gint ein neues Interview mit Richard.

    Dreht sich hauptsächlich um Emigrate aber es wird auch was zu Rammstein und dem kommenden Album gesagt.

    "The Gauntlet: How many songs are written?

    Richard: We have about 30 songs and ideas that are worth going into and working out the vocals and lyrics. I would call them more ideas than completed songs. Tomorrow I am flying to Berlin and going to the Baltic Seas to finish the songs and hopefully it will work out great.

    The Gauntlet: Paul said the songs have a more metal feel to them than previous Rammstein songs.

    Richard: Well, I like them. They are more live oriented. Right now a lot of the songs are just us jamming together. We just jam around for hours and all these ideas just come out. I have been having so much fun lately just jamming and that is a really good sign. It is almost like things are too well. The hardest album we made, the one with the most suffering was “Mutter,” and a lot of people think that’s our strongest album. "

    Es gibt ein neues Interview mit einigen Infos zum kommenden Album.

    Band Name: Rammstein
    Interviewed: Paul Landers
    Interviewer: Jason Fisher
    Date: 2007-10-31

    Die gute Nachricht vorweg:

    The Gauntlet: The last two were a bit on the sweet side, but they still had a dark and aggressive undertone.

    Paul: The band thinks everything is heavier and tighter this time around. It is always difficult for the band to say though as the band thinks it might be heavier, but journalists will come out and say it sounds like the other one and this is completely different from the other album. It is very subjective. Now that we have already done a full five albums, we have a certain confidence that this album will be good. Just like you know when you are getting a Mercedes “S” Class, it will be a great car.


    Es ist offiziell:

    "18. Oktober 2006


    Heute wurde uns das Artwork der DVD vorgestellt, von welchem wir Euch hier erstmalig das Cover präsentieren können. Das Innenleben zeigt viele beeindruckende Fotos von Fans aus den ersten Reihen auf den unterschiedlichsten Stationen der Tour. Das aus nächster Nähe und in wirklich ergreifenden Momenten von Euphorie, Entrückung und Erschöpfung. Ausschnitte aus dem Artwork hoffen wir Euch in den nächsten Wochen vorab präsentieren zu können."