Slipknot von Rammstein beeinflusst

  • So habe etwas tolle gefunden. Und zwar spricht Corey Taylor, Sänger von Slipknot, über die Songs vom neuen Album "All Hope is gone". Ich bin mir jetzt nicht sicher ob er wirklich Rammstein meinte, weil es könnte sein das ein Tippfehler vorliegt, aber Slipknot haben etwas rammsteiniges im Song "Psychosocial" ... naja lest selbst

    Corey talks us through the songs in this weeks KERRANG!

    Posted by Admin on 17 Jul 2008 slipknot
    Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor talks us through his new album and about the songs to come.

    Execute :
    Execute came about 10 years ago. i was over at clowns old house and he pulled up this speech (by us former vice president)spiro agnew given in 1970. And when when we started putting this album together, thats what we wanted to use as an intro. So I took it and manipulated it and fucked it up. But then I played it for clown and he was like " thats cool, but wouldnt it be better if you took it and made your own deal about it?" So I did......

    Gematria (The Killing Name) :
    "This song is not about my disgust of America, but more about its people. I love my country, I love the people that defend my country. I love the people that still exercise their right to disagree and voice their discontent, but there are a lot of people who are disguising politics as religion and dictating taste and turning it into policy, and that hurts me. Obviously you have to have both sides in a democracy, but it just seems like the scales have tipped so fucking far on the one side its untrue "

    Sulfur :
    Its kind of a reflection of where i am at the moment, i probably feel the best i have in years, not only health-wise, but as a person. The last 3 years have been an awakening for me.Im standing up for my morals,standing up for myself, but the flip side to that coin is that there is always something inside of me thats going to make people feel like theyre chewing on tin foil. for most of my life, i tended to base my opinion on myself by what people thought of me. As i got stronger, i learned to be happy in my own skin and accept that there are these fucked up things about me "

    Psychosocial :
    Man, what a love song to the band! Its got that Rammstien/ministry mechanical edge to it, but my vocals add something very real and very human to it. The Juxtaposition works and i wanted to play in and out of that world. Lyrically its very much about us, and the fact that we can pull it off when were focused.

    Dead Memories :
    "without naming names, its the story of my last 10 years. Ive been holding onto these things for the last 10 years, Ive decied its just time to let them go.... "

    Vendetta :
    basically my way of introducing myself back to the world, and looking around and going "wow". I never really try to take credit for stuff but there are a lot people out there who have been inspired by what we do, so thi is my way of going " fair enough, bt if youre not gonna keep up, then dont even try to run with me "

    Butchers Hook :
    It wouldnt be a slipknot album if i didnt rag on the recording industry. This time, its all about those little emo boys with their sweet haircuts and their girlfriends pants. people give us shit for wearing outfits, but all of those guys look the same"

    Gehenna :
    It deals with obsession from the personw ith teh obsession's point of view and wanting to let go of the facade and being true to yourself, as monstrous as it may seem.Vocally, Im doing some shit that ive never done before and its fucking disturbing, but very beautiful at the same time.

    This Cold Black :
    It calls people to the carpet on all types of shit. And I dont think people are doing that anymore, and if they are, its in such a weak way. Its like " yeah we know that youre angry, but give me a fucking reason and you better make it interesting "

    Wherein Lies Continue :
    Its a Dressing down of teh world as we know it. Not justa bout america, it kinda goes up against any civilization that takes themselves too seriously and where the "leaders" are so
    pretentious that they think they are deemed to speak for the people, it all comes down to the fact that we have to save ourselves".

    Snuff :
    "this is the slow one. Its another personal one.Again, not naming names its about
    someone who helped me through a lot and i thought she felt the same way that i did and she really let me down. at the same time, it was good that she did, because it was that final push to me figuring out myself. The lyrics are pretty self explanatory.

    All Hope Is Gone :
    "A lot of people look at this in a very negative way, and in a lot of ways, it is if you continue to try and solve your problems the same way over and over again. That said, this track is also a reflection of what slipknot is. Just when you thought you had us all figured out, give up all hope because youre never, ever going to. Besides, we like it that way!!"


    Wenns hier falsch ist bitte verschieben.

    danke für eure aufmerksamkeit

  • liest man gern, muss ich sagen.
    das lied klingt auch ziemlich geil - sogar ein klein bisschen wie rammstein, den riffs nach zu urteilen. allerdings, wie geschrieben, ist gesanglich ein unterschied zu hören, ganz klar.

  • ja das lied ist klasse, aber ich glaube hätte er nicht gesagt, dass er von rammstein beeinflusst wäre, wäre vielleicht nicht unbedingt jemand darauf gekommen ;-) ist aber toll, dass es so ist :rockin:


    Die Tür fällt zu. Das Licht geht aus.

    Seid ihr bereit? Seid ihr soweit?


    In der Dunkelheit

  • Habe ich doch gleich gesagt, dass die Gitarrenriffs sehr an Rammstein angelehnt sind! Klingt sehr ähnlich dem Song "Rein, Raus". Natürlich nur die Gitarrenriffs, nicht derGesang!

    Sehnsucht ist des Menschen Fluch
    Und ewig stärker als die Liebe
    Denn Liebe ist nur ein dünnes Tuch
    auf dem kalten Leib der Triebe

  • Zitat

    Original von Rammsteinfreak84
    Habe ich doch gleich gesagt, dass die Gitarrenriffs sehr an Rammstein angelehnt sind! Klingt sehr ähnlich dem Song "Rein, Raus". Natürlich nur die Gitarrenriffs, nicht derGesang!

    Ja beim ersten mal hören, habe ich auch an "Rein Raus" gedacht. Gefällt mir der Song.

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